Archiradar Parametric Plants volume 02


New ARCHICAD library of parametric plants with real growth factor.
Plants always different from one another. Possibility to choose between various symbols in elevation corresponding to the real geometry of the plant.
2d symbol with shadows or realistic. Transparent texture option.

Here you can see the video of this collection

• 4 Ivy hanging (Hedera helix)
• 4 Plumbago hanging (Plumbago auriculata)
• 4 Rosemary hanging (Rosmarinus)
• 4 Wisteria hanging (Wisteria)

Option available:
- Real growing factor
- Symbolic view in elevation - 2d symbol shadow
- 2d realistic symbol
- 3d detail level
- Wind option in movies
- Season (no evergreen)


In these sections you can download the pdf to see the detailed content.

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