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Maxwell C4D plugin compatibile con Cinema 4D 11.5
« il: 30 Gennaio 2010, 10:05 »
Next Limit ha rilasciato l'upgrade del Plugin di Maxwell Render ora compatibile con Cinema 4D 11.5. Come sempre per effettuare il download del plugin è necessario loggarsi nel Costumer Gateway - Sezione download

Version Release Notes
Version of the Maxwell Render plug-in for Cinema 4D is a minor bug-fix update which also introduces compatibility with Cinema4D R11.5. Following are some of the particulars.

    * Added support for Cinema4D R11.5 (there are two downloads, one for R9.6-R11 and one for R11.5).
    * Cinema4D R11.5’s new “Render Instance” feature is supported automatically.
    * Added a “Link MXM” field to the main Maxwell Render material page.
    * The material editor UI now shows a duplicate of the Attribute Manager UI for MXM Linked materials.
    * Added MXM Gallery browsing button to the Attribute Manager material UI.
    * Added new Object Properties: “Ignore Normal tag” and “Ignore Phong tag”.

    * Fixed an issue caused by running in 64-bit mode under Mac OSX Snow Leopard.
    * Fixed an issue with the render low priority switch not working.
    * Scattering is now set to 0.0 as default to prevent maxwell.exe rendering it even when disabled.
    * Transparency and luminance are ignored in Cinema4D materials if they are pure black with no texture.