ARCHICAD 20 NURBS editable object

oggettoNURBS Archiradar





The NURBS editable object by ArchiRADAR is an ARCHICAD object that use the new NURBS GDL options in ARCHICAD 20.

With this object, moving control points, you can manage simple NURBS such us in other software with native NURBS. You can control a NURBS up to 8 x 8 control points; set edge visibility; reset a grid to predefined values.

In ARCHICAD 20 NURBS in GDL are controlled by segmentation definition to manage quantities of polygons, parameter editable also in our object. The Object will appare always with a right projection in floor plan, sectioned or outlined.
The huge advantage of using this NURBS object is that you can always place side by side different NURBS objects with the best match.



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